Firefox Student Ambassador Experiences

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firefox Sudent Ambassador | Muhammad Mufid Luthfi

Firefox Student Ambassador Program
Firefox Student Ambassadors are individuals who are passionate about Mozilla and Firefox ! Being a part of the Firefox Student Ambassador is a dream for me because I was given the confidence to provide information about Mozilla and Firefox on my campus, Telkom University.

Being a representative in the university is highly desired by all people , Alhamdulillah, a few days ago I managed to become a Firefox Student Ambassador  at Telkom University in 2013.

About me
firefox Sudent Ambassador | Muhammad Mufid LuthfiMy name Muhammad Mufid Luthfi , my friends call me Mufid. I come from Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. I am currently enrolled at the Telkom University Department of industry Faculty major of Information Systems 2012.

Some of the experiences I have taken them became chairman of Research in research group ECIA  (E-Commerce and Internet Application) Telkom University , I am also one of the basic physics lab assistant at Telkom University, other than that I am also part of Studio Programming Telkom University .

As Firefox Student Ambassador, I certainly have a variety of missions that will I do for introduce the Firefox product to  my friends at Telkom University. I really hope one day Firefox to be necessity used by all people in the world, especially my campus, Telkom University.

More info about me :
Facebook :
Twitter : @ mmufidluthfi
Website :
Passion : Web Designer and Digital Marketing
Skill : HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing , etc

Firefox Student Ambassador at Telkom University
firefox Sudent Ambassador | Muhammad Mufid Luthfi

Together with some of my friends who are also a Firefox Student Ambassador we finally managed to release some Fans page and Twitter accounts later as a media information between Telkom's people at university with Firefox.

But before it I will introduce some friends of Firefox Student Ambassador contribute Telkom University who will become future leaders in Firefox :
Muhammad Mufid Luthfi
S1 Information System 2012
- FB :
- Twitter : @mmufidluthfi
- Web :

Bondan Ari Bowo
S1 Informatics Engineering2011
- FB :
- Twitter : @bondanabe

Bagus Widya Pratama
S1 Informatics Engineering 2011
- FB :
- Twitter : @bagus_w_p
- Web :

Ahmad Ridwan Rezani
S1 Informatics Engineering 2011
- FB : rezanii
- Twitter : @rezanii

That's some friends of Firefox Student Ambassador I introduced , do not forget to visit the Fans page and also twitter us at :
Facebook :
Twitter : @ FSA_TelkomU

My experience of this program
Some of the experiences I have lived together for me into Firefox until today .

For example, in the event Informatic EXPO 2013 in the Telkom University. When it  Firefox do opens Stand at the event and some of the visitors coming to stand of Firefox . They are interested in knowing and keeping information about Firefox and Mozilla. In addition they are also very enthusiastic when some of Mozilla Representative explain some material about Firefox and Mozilla.

Other events are "#MozKopdarBDG" which was held on December 21, 2013 by friends from Firefox Student Ambassador and Mozilla Representative. In the event a lot of explaining about some of the projects and products of Firefox such as Firefox OS, Firefox Webmaker , etc .

firefox Sudent Ambassador | Muhammad Mufid Luthfi

Last, This is still the beginning Because there are many more That I will make a plan to introduce Firefox to my friends at Telkom University. Hopefully this article useful and can motivate all of my friends.

:: I Am Mozillian ::

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